Charitable Giving Guidelines

The guidelines below outline AutoZone's charitable giving practices. Non-profit organizations requesting contributions must review and confirm understanding of the guidelines listed below.

AutoZone's Charitable Giving Guidelines

AutoZone’s charitable giving program has been established to support 501(c)3 tax-exempt, nonprofit organizations and improve the communities in which AutoZoners live and work, primarily the Greater Memphis area, through:


  • AutoZone supports eligible charitable organizations through financial grants.
  • Contributions are one-time only unless otherwise stated.
  • Funded programs must be available to the entire community regardless of age, creed, disability, gender, marital status, race, religion, sexual orientation or country of origin.

Ineligible organizations

      Funds are not available for the following organizations or purposes:
  • Individuals
  • Religious organizations or other groups with solely religious missions (faith-motivated organizations may be considered eligible if the organization and its programs primarily serve a secular purpose)
  • Religious organizations to support tithes, pledges or other financial requirements or commitments
  • Mission work or those offering services primarily outside of the U.S. and Puerto Rico
  • Political or fraternal organizations
  • Tuition payments
  • Membership fees or dues such as alumni associations, athletic associations, recreational clubs, or the like
  • Registration fees for little league, museums, camps, bike races or the like
  • Talent and beauty contests
  • General, school or sports advertising
  • Gifts made to an individual or family foundation, private foundation, charitable trust or donor-advised fund

Request Charitable Contribution

Greater Memphis Area Grants — To apply for a Greater Memphis Area Grant, the eligible 501(c)3 MUST be located in the Greater Memphis Area. Those eligible non-profits are welcome to apply for the Fiscal Year 2024 application between the deadlines of March 1, 2023 and closing June 16, 2023. Please keep in mind that the AutoZone Fiscal Year ranges from September 2023 through August 2024.

Follow the steps below to submit requests.

  • Confirm you have read and understand AutoZone's Charitable Giving Guidelines.
  • Apply for a grant between Tuesday March 1 – June 16, 2023.
Please click here to access the FY2024 AutoZone Greater Memphis Area Grant Application.
  • *Application will promptly close at 11:59 p.m. CT Friday, June 16, 2023.*

Note: The following information is needed to complete the application:

  • Contact information
  • Mission and history of your organization
  • Achievements and goals within the past year, and brief description of your project and amount being requested.
  • W-9 Tax Form

ArtsZone Grants — Funding for arts organizations is administered through a partnership with ArtsMemphis. For more information, visit


About AutoZone's Charitable Review Process

  • Grant requests selected for funding are acknowledged in writing by mid-October of the calendar year
  • Declination notices are sent by mid-October of the calendar year
  • Contributions are one-time only

IMPORTANT: Due to the large volume of requests received, AutoZone does not respond to requests by phone or fax. All funding proposals must be submitted online, in full.


Tips for Submitting Greater Memphis Area Grant Applications

Please review the tips and grant application questions before you apply:

  • The grant application requires you to create a sign-in before submitting grant applications. For help setting up an account, click here.
  • Prepare your answers in Microsoft Word (or similar program) before completing the application
  • Most fields (the space where you type in the answers to questions) have a limit of 800 characters
  • Organizations may complete a maximum of two proposals. Separate applications must be submitted for each request

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