Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Starting Line

"Since the opening of our first store in 1979, AutoZone has been committed to serving the needs of the driving public.

Still, we know that our obligations must extend far beyond the four walls of our physical spaces. At AutoZone and as AutoZoners, we’re deeply dedicated to always putting our customers first, taking care of our fellow AutoZoners and serving the communities we cherish. Today, with more than 7,100 stores across the Americas and approximately 119,000 AutoZoners around the world, we share a common goal to LIVE AutoZone’s Pledge and demonstrate our Values each day.

When you shop at our stores, you know firsthand that, as AutoZoners, we are people of service, action and commitment. Whether taking care of our customers, proactively responding to ever-emerging global environmental needs or ensuring we are an inclusive workplace where all AutoZoners can thrive, we don’t take for granted the responsibility and what it means to be an AutoZoner."

- Philip Daniele, President and CEO, AutoZone Inc.

Environmental Responsibility



of purchases were U.S. made products and 100% of vendors contractually agreed to comply with AutoZone's Vendor Code of Conduct



independent, third-party audits conducted of vendors' factories on environmental, social, quality and security criteria



Pre-Shipment Examinations conducted, ensuring our products perform up to our quality, safety and packaging standards

Saving Energy And Reducing Emissions

Short-Term GHG Emissions Reduction Goal

  • Committed to decreasing our heat and electricity-related GHG emissions by 15% across Scopes 1 and 2 from our U.S. operations by 2025 from a 2019 baseline.

Medium-Term GHG Emissions Reduction Goal

  • Committed to decreasing Scopes 1 and 2 GHG emissions across the entire enterprise by aproximately 50% by 2030, measured against a 2019 baseline.

Long-Term GHG Emissions Reduction Aspiration

  • We aspire to achieve Net Zero GHG emissions across Scopes 1 and 2 by 2050.
scope 3 resource
         Source: WRI/WBCSD Corporate Value Chain (Scope 3) Accounting and Reporting Standard


gallon icon


gallons of oil
battery icon


287,830 TONS

of batteries

plastic icon


1,284 TONS

of plastic

tree icon



wood pallets

cardboard icon


24,881 TONS

of cardboard

car icon


19,274 TONS

of steel

tow truck icon


52,415 TONS

of used and worn-out auto parts

AutoZone Cares About People

Image of AutoZone employees

An AutoZoner Always... Embraces Diversity

"I often say while we sell auto parts, at our core, we’re really in the people business. To that end, I’m awe-inspired by our unique and powerful people-centric culture and what we do together every day to impact the lives of people. At AutoZone, every AutoZoner is a part of our AutoZone family and embracing diversity is who we are."

- Philip Daniele, President and CEO, AutoZone Inc.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

Since 2016, ethnic diversity at our leadership levels (from Director to our Board) has improved at each level by as much as 20%:

Women represent more than 27% of our management roles
30% of our Board of Directors are women
Racially/ethnically diverse AutoZoners represent 46% of our management roles
30% of our Board of Directors are racially/ethnically diverse
AutoZoners complete approximately 89,000 training modules every week
8% of AutoZoners currently serve in the U.S. Armed Forces or are military veterans

AutoZone has laid a foundation of support that includes reliable and accessible reporting, a cross-functional Diversity Council, a DEI Steering Committee and the following business resource groups (BRGs): AZ WIN, AutoZone’s Women’s Initiative., AZ BE BOLD, Black Excellence Building Opportunities for Leadership Development, AZ ¡HOLA!, Hispanic Organization for Leadership at AutoZone; AZ NextGen, AutoZone’s Next Generation of Leaders,  AZ VALOR, Veterans and Active Leadership Organization for Recruitment and Retention; and AZ PRIDE+, People Recognizing Individuality, Diversity and Equity.


An image of main fixing something

AutoZoners are always helping fellow AutoZoners. In our stores, DCs and SSCs, this can mean supporting a team member on a project or lending another set of hands to get a customer on their way. Through the AutoZoner Assistance Fund (AAF), AutoZoners help other AutoZoners facing personal challenges by donating their own money. AAF is an independent, non-profit organization primarily funded by AutoZone and AutoZoners that helps cover the cost of the unexpected. The organization is independently managed by a cross-functional board of AutoZoners who volunteer their time.

Since 2000, the AAF has provided more than $13.3MM in financial assistance to AutoZoners. In FY2023, with contributions from AutoZoners and AutoZone, AAF raised nearly $6.8MM, and with these funds, AAF was able to support over 1,800 AutoZoners and their families with over $1.6MM of direct support to AutoZoners.

Community Engagement

Images of AutoZOners


Over $2MM in donations generated for nonprofits through employee giving programs


AutoZone proudly donated $5 million to the National Civil Rights Museum to create sustainable programming with an emphasis on developing Black leaders


94% of AutoZone’s charitable giving went to racially and/or ethnically diverse communities


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Our primary corporate governance objective is to maximize long-term business success and increase shareholder value, while adhering to the laws of the jurisdictions where we operate and conducting our business with the highest ethical standards.

90% of our Board members serve as Independent Directors.

6 of 15 Executive Committee members are diverse.

We have a strong governance framework that connects individuals and teams across our Company and includes various levels of oversight through the organization: Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer, Executive Committee, Executive Sponsor and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Committee.

Reporting Frameworks

General Reporting Initiative logo

We have applied select General Reporting Initiative (“GRI”) Sustainability Reporting Standards to identify and cross reference meaningful information for our stakeholders.

Sustainability Accounting Standards Board logo

We reference the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (“SASB”) index and select SASB indicators for the Multiline and Specialty Retailers and Distributors industry.

United Nations’ Sustainability Development Goals logo

We recognize the importance of the United Nations’ Sustainability Development Goals (“SDGs”) and proudly report in our ESG 2023 how we’re contributing thus far.

Carbon Disclosure Project

We disclosed to CDP our climate performance data which is aligned with the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures ("TCFD")

See Environmental, Social, and Governance Report 2024 for more details